About Intersol

Intersol was founded in 2009.

The history of our company began in 2009 with the project of audio greetings. Since 2012 we have started game development. Our first game was 100 to 1, which was installed by over 30 million users.

In 2013 we started to create Slot of Conquest, and since 2014 onward have begun to develop games in the match 3 genre. The total number of installations of our games exceeds 50 million.

For each of us Intersol is part of our soul. Our team consists of people who sincerely love their job. Who are interested in personal and professional growth and development together with the company. It’s important for us that everyone feels comfortable and confident in our team, has a chance to realize professional and creative potential, gets the opportunity to develop and improve the skills and career.

We create product that lets everyone discover and fall in love with such a wonderful and diverse world of games and entertainment.

Our values:

— Friendliness, taking care of each other;
— Confidence, openness;
— Taking care of our users;
— Inspiration;
— Responsibility;
— Being proud of results;
— Participation in company’s success;
— Humor, positive;
— Innovations