White Nights conference 2017 in St. Petersburg

Over 1600 guests from 40 countries took part in White Nights conference and exhibition for game developers, held in St. Petersburg on June 14-15. Representatives of our company were there too. The host of the conference is our partner Nevosoft - casual game developer and publisher from St. Petersburg. We participated in the showcase for developers, presenting our three-in-a-row game "Flying Fish Quest" and listened to many interesting lectures by representatives of worldwide known companies.   Read more

DevGAMM / Moscow / 2017

On 18-19 of May we visited DevGAMM - a conference for developers that took place in Moscow. We listened to many interesting lectures and presented our games at special developer's booth. All participants of the conference complimented us for high quality of animation and graphics. We are happy to make quality projects!     Read more

Flying Fish Quest

One morning a pretty fish Dolly discovered that the surface of the water is covered with something, so it grew much darker. Dolly with her friend sea horse Tim start their investigation. What happened and who is guilty? Let's help our heroes! (далее…) Read more

BigFish Games launches Pretty Snails

On 24 of April Game portal BigFishGames released our game Pretty Snails. Users' reviews: Gameritis50 (Triadelphia,WV): Had to stop playin, to tell you about this game... Well here is another match 3 game, pretty much like all of the other ones available. Yawn... But..This game sucks you in right away, w/ incredible graphics, loading time is fast, the audio is clear. As well as the cute characters.. available in timed mode or relaxed. Instructions are clear. I am not going to tell you how to play, ... Read more

BigFish Games launches Penguin Rescue

On 12 of April Game portal BigFishGames released our game Penguin Rescue Users' reviews: Lissi22 (Munich): Amazing Match 3 Ok, the first 10 Levels are very easy, and I thought this one is another childish game, but now I`m on Level 13 and its getting more and more difficult to win in the limited moves. There is so much fun and the art is very beautiful. I will spend a coupon for this unique amazing game. MissMaddie (Las Vegas, NV): Get this game!!!! What a joy to play! It increases ... Read more

Yahoo!Mobage Japan release

On 28 of February the Japanese game platform Yahoo!Mobage Japan released the web-version of our Snoopy Snails  Read more

NEW GAME! Owl rescue

A school for post owls is situated in one charming forest. For years the owls have properly delivered correspondence all over the world. The Keeper of the school and his companion, the dog Bella, are very proud of their pupils. One evening Keeper and Bella fall asleep, and when they wake up they only see empty cages - all the owls disappeared. Alarm! Millions of people may not receive their letters! But our characters do not get despaired, they set off in search ... Read more

NEW GAME! Mystery Loss

New 2017 Year is coming. The last preparations for the holiday will soon be over; and everybody is looking forward to the most enchanting night of the year. On New Year's Eve we decided to make our dear gamers happy with a new game: "Mystery Loss". Our new game's mainly emphasized mechanic is Hidden Objects. You will immerse in captivating game atmosphere, full of mysterious events, and may put yourself in a real detective's shoes. The action takes place in a little town ... Read more

White Nights, Moscow 2016

From November 10 to 11 our company staff visited the White Nights conference in Moscow. We took part in an exhibition for developers, presented our game "Snoopy Snails" in the genre Match3. We also talked to our partners whom we had a continuous communication with. We mean our foreign partners, such as Big Fish, Facebook, etc. Our game designer with his friends took part in the competition GamesJamDefold and their game "On that side of the fairy tale" won. Read more

Informative and interesting seminar by our game designer

Our game designer held for the staff a remarkable seminar on the history of game industry development from 1970 to 1990. We learned interesting details about this industry, different approaches to video games creation, but also plunged into our childhood and remembered how we played our first games. Read more
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