NEW GAME! Penguin Rescue

We are happy to present our new game: Penguin Rescue. You will be able not only to enjoy perfectly drawn and remarkably animated characters and game elements, but also to get familiar with the additional mechanic "hidden object". The plot of the game allows you to travel to the South Pole where our hero Yeti Teddy lives. Teddy is very happy because he and his friend Taila are invited to penguin's summer holiday. But suddenly the ice begin to melt all ... Read more

We acquainted with the imaging principles

Our leading developer held another cognitive seminar for the staff of the company. This time we were let into the basics of visualization process. We learned what tools and methods were used to create image on the screen of the first computers. We also familiarized with hardware and software which is used to create images and with the principles of creation of such images. At the end of the seminar we considered specific examples of how these principles are used in modern graphics ... Read more

Autumn mood

Autumn has come. Poets and artists of different generations devoted to this season their inspired poems and paintings, showing autumn in all its magnificent colors. We all can see the beauty of autumn landscapes on pictures by Vincent Willem van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Oscar Claude Monet, Isaac Ilyich Levitan. As for us, today we've also had the opportunity to become "great" artists ourselves. Our front-end developer held for us a masterclass of painting in water-colours drawing technique. Read more

NEW GAME! TaleSpin

Have you ever traveled around sweet, fantastic clouds? Have you ever heard anything about such phenomena as gingerbread thunderstorm or marmalade rain? Then we invite you to our new game: "TaleSpin". The main character - postman Jim Honks - works at fairytale clouds and delivers sendings. One day he notices that someone has broken all the machines, and the technician who can fix it disappeared! It seems that someone doesn't want the citizens of the clouds to receive their parcels and letters. ... Read more

September, 1st is the birthday of our company. In 2016, we celebrated our 7th birthday!

There is a tradition in our company. Every year we go to the countryside to celebrate the birthday of our organization. Perhaps, the best outdoor corporate party is an an unhurried interesting conversation over barbecue and refreshing drinks, sauna and outdoor games. Outdoor camping with the favorite teamdoesn't let anybody to stay indifferent. A pleasant evening in the friendly company of colleagues is something that is lacking so often in our daily routine life. We had a wonderful time. In honor ... Read more

We are happy when friends visit us

Our company has employees who work remotely. And we are really happy when they come to our office in Nizhny Novgorod. This year, our colleague arrived for the birthday of the company, covering the distance of 2500 kilometers. We were all looking forward to meeting him and were delighted to see him. During his stay in Nizhny Novgorod we showed all the beauty of our city, spoke about the history of the city and visited various locations, which are the places of ... Read more

We mastered the basics of the binding art

We had a masterclass by the leading back-end developer. We made wonderful notepads. It was very interesting to plunge into creative process and to learn all features of binding. Despite the fact that everybody couldn't do it perfectly - we did it! Read more

Today we have makis for lunch

An interesting, and, what is more - tasty masterclass in cooking makis was held for us by our project manager! Now we know how to feed a big company with taste and originality! Read more

Cross embroidery masterclass by HR Director

We found out that embroidery is not only a creative work and kind of needlework. Embroidery is a good way to relax. Read more

NEW GAME! Snoopy snails

At last time has come to present you our new game. The main characters of this game are extraordinary beautiful and lovely snails. For the first time we combined your two favorite genres: match3 and hidden objects. This feature certainly shall take our users by storm. The plot of the game develops in a microworld. There lives the married couple of snails. One day our snails decided to go to a trip, but someone stole their suitcase. Players should help to find snails' ... Read more
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