We are happy when friends visit us

Our company has employees who work remotely. And we are really happy when they come to our office in Nizhny Novgorod. This year, our colleague arrived for the birthday of the company, covering the distance of 2500 kilometers. We were all looking forward to meeting him and were delighted to see him. During his stay in Nizhny Novgorod we showed all the beauty of our city, spoke about the history of the city and visited various locations, which are the places of ... Read more

We mastered the basics of the binding art

We had a masterclass by the leading back-end developer. We made wonderful notepads. It was very interesting to plunge into creative process and to learn all features of binding. Despite the fact that everybody couldn't do it perfectly - we did it! Read more

Today we have makis for lunch

An interesting, and, what is more - tasty masterclass in cooking makis was held for us by our project manager! Now we know how to feed a big company with taste and originality! Read more

Cross embroidery masterclass by HR Director

We found out that embroidery is not only a creative work and kind of needlework. Embroidery is a good way to relax. Read more

NEW GAME! Snoopy snails

At last time has come to present you our new game. The main characters of this game are extraordinary beautiful and lovely snails. For the first time we combined your two favorite genres: match3 and hidden objects. This feature certainly shall take our users by storm. The plot of the game develops in a microworld. There lives the married couple of snails. One day our snails decided to go to a trip, but someone stole their suitcase. Players should help to find snails' ... Read more

Now we know how to make jewelry

Today a masterclass in wet felting by the leading front-end developer took place. As a result of our creativity, we had bright, multi-colored beads. It was very interesting and fascinating! Read more

All staff take part in game development

Certainly, not all of our employees are game developers. Therefore, our colleague decided to involve everybody in this fascinating and interesting process. During the studio masterclass we created games with help of the designer Construct2. The process of game creation included: acquaintance with the designer, resources and game objects operation, programming of behavior scenarios and creation of game levels. Game creation turned out to be a captivating, fascinating and interesting process! Read more

DevGamm, Moscow 2016

Staff of our company visited a conference for developers in Moscow — DevGamm which passed from May 12 to May 13. The program of the conference differed in a large number of interesting subjects from different speakers. On the conference were considered many interesting themes, such as: features of Asia game market, development of the mobile devices, psychological factors of impact on players, and also others at least interesting questions. Read more

We got out the bunker and escaped from the maniac

We are keen on quests, we like to plunge into the atmosphere of different events and to find solutions of the most difficult challenges. Last week we divided into two teams. The first team successfully got out from the bunker, spending the minimum time on searching for the exit. The second team visited a quest called "Master"; tasks were very difficult, but interesting. As a result, in the last minute we coped with the tasks and was got out of the ... Read more

NEW GAME! Paperland

Certainly, in the childhood we all liked to read fairytales. Books for the children are notable for a large diversity of bright, colourful pictures that helped our imagination to plunge into the world of fantastic events. These memories from the childhood led to the idea for creation of our new game - Paperland. The action of the game takes place on the pages of a book and carries us to the world where a brave knight comes to the rescue of the ... Read more
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