New year party

On New 2016 Year Eve we organized at our office an evening by candlelight. Informal atmosphere invited to a friendly chat. We discussed the main events of 2015, shared our plans for the next year, wished each other implementation of plans and that our desires come true, and we wished our company new projects and prosperity. Then we went to the countryside and continued celebration of the coming year in a cozy cottage on the river bank. Read more

We have prepared gifts for the New Year

The New Year is associated with tangerines' smell and fir-tree needles, champagne and waiting for some miracles. It is also associated with a cozy holiday together with the family, and with gifts, of course. A masterclass was held for us in making a Christmas bouquet. We did beautiful bouquets that we will present to the dearest people. Read more

NEW GAME! Christmas Story

Let's remember how we looked forward to Christmas holidays in our childhood. Christmas was associated with magic, we trusted in fairytales and expected miracles. These memories are at heart of our Christmas Story. It is a very good opportunity to return to the fairytale. The plot goes as follows: on Christmas Eve somebody stole from Santa's workshop all candies prepared for the holiday! Millions of children cannot receive their Christmas gifts! The Elves are coming hot on the trails of the thief. ... Read more

NEW GAME! Sweet States

Would you like to see America from a different angle? We are excited to present you our new game: "Sweet States". Our main character travels around the fantastic and surprising United States of America, that will appear totally different from what you know about the USA. Every episode is a separate state where you will find yourselfin the world of sweets. Whn creating the game we paid much attention to study of taste preferences and traditional dishes of Americans. We found out ... Read more

We learned what wonderful things you can make of clay

Once again the staff of our company mastered new directions of creative activities. As a result of the masterclass we made nice articles of polymer clay. Read more

NEW GAME! Monster Toons

Today we have finished development of our new game called "Monster Toons". The main character Mary comes in Cartoonland - the country where all heroes of animations live. Mary and her animation friend Tirli have to save Cartoonland from monsters and help characters of our favorite fantastic stories. favorite fantastic stories . The main feature of the game is that all game elements are animated. Read more

The most delicious masterclass

Today we have learned the secrets of cooking Viennese Waffles. It was not only interesting, but also very tasty! Read more

The masterclass on making bracelets

Once again we showed all our creativity and made bracelets which would decorate our hands and give us good mood. Thanks a lot to our client manager! Read more

The corporate trip on the nature

We often organize a lot of events. We celebrate together memorable events and professional holidays.This time a fine weather and a desire of informal communication with colleagues became a reason to take a trip. We spent a good time together! We played volleyball, caught fish in the local pond, competed in precision when we were shooting at targets, we played our favorite board games, had billiard tournament, and also we cooked together pilaf on a fire and, of course, our traditional ... Read more

Holidays in Intersol

We love holidays! During the feast days we always have a lot of work,but however we find time to congratulate our strong and true men and our the most beautiful and feminine girls. We all are very different, but we are sharing a common goal. And it allows us to create such wonderful products! Read more
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