The corporate trip on the nature

We often organize a lot of events. We celebrate together memorable events and professional holidays.This time a fine weather and a desire of informal communication with colleagues became a reason to take a trip. We spent a good time together! We played volleyball, caught fish in the local pond, competed in precision when we were shooting at targets, we played our favorite board games, had billiard tournament, and also we cooked together pilaf on a fire and, of course, our traditional ... Read more

Holidays in Intersol

We love holidays! During the feast days we always have a lot of work,but however we find time to congratulate our strong and true men and our the most beautiful and feminine girls. We all are very different, but we are sharing a common goal. And it allows us to create such wonderful products! Read more

JavaScript Meetup 28.02.2015

When we were going to conduct a Meetup on innovations in JavaScript-development we didn't expect,that it will become an expected event and will bring together such an impressive number of participants.Large coworkings audience "Free workshop" where the meeting took place, was filled with people. More than 70 specialists of Nizhny Novgorod were able to hear reports of the leading developers of the city and asked them all the questions. This meeting provided an opportunity of interesting professional communication for a large ... Read more

NEW GAME! Sugar Crime

We are happy to present our first match3 game. This story is about America of the 40th, in the days of "The sweet law". The prices on sweets steeply increased, and seeking for the candies the police officers search the passers-by and even the houses! The main hero Zack understands that a big wig is mixed up in here. He decides to destroy Caramel Mafia and its leader! Each episode is followed by colourful comics that will please our players and give ... Read more

The Game development conference

On the 21 of March,2015 occurred a conference on game development for social networks and mobile devices, which was organized by the employees of the company Intersol.We shared our experience of creating, testing and promotion of the most successful social games. And we were opening our technical, analytical and managerial secrets for those who want to try themselves in the gaming industry. The conference was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.We answered a lot of questions asked by the beginning ... Read more

Graduation Ceremony in Intersol

On the 29 of January, 2015 occurred a solemn ceremony dedicated to delivery of certificates of Web development training. 6 students have successfully completed the "Overview Course of Web development by using Node.js technologies". For 18 hours of productive work, senior students of Nizhny Novgorod universities have mastered one of the most promising and advanced technologies which is used by leading companies and were able to create their own product. Our congratulations to: 1. Julia Baranova 2. Alexei Goryunov 3. Andrei Litvinov 4. ... Read more

Career day at the National Research University Higher School of Economics

On the 14 of November, 2014 at the National Research University Higher School of Economics occurred a traditional Fall Career Day HSE. This is an open intercollegiate project in which participate students and graduates of Economics and Management, Humanities and IT-specialties of all universities of the city. When students meet with professional HR-specialists of the leading companies in their respective industries, they get an idea about the real requirements of employers for graduates in the labor market. Moreover, students have the possibility ... Read more

Web development for senior students of technical specialties Nizhny Novgorod universities

On the 22 of October, 2014, we begin a series of free training courses on web development for senior students of technical specialties Nizhny Novgorod universities. The training will be performed on the material and technical base of our company. The program is organized by us to improve the practical competence of undergraduates and also to inform students about the requirements to the programmers, developers and system administrators. The training was organized in the format of workshops. The format of workshops involves ... Read more

Anniversary of Intersol

On the 1 of September, 2014 the Intersol Company celebrated its 5th Anniversary! Corporate trip on the nature met all expectations of employees. The weather gave us a couple of incredibly lovely, sunny and warm days. The nature fascinated by the softness, affability and a cosiness. And the bravest persons organized a swim team and swam a long distance despite the fact that the swimming season had already ended. Walking through the forest paths, Russian sauna and barbecue, cooked by the hands ... Read more

Anniversary of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (UNN)

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