JavaScript Meetup 28.02.2015

When we were going to conduct a Meetup on innovations in JavaScript-development we didn’t expect,that it will become an expected event and will bring together such an impressive number of participants.Large coworkings audience «Free workshop» where the meeting took place, was filled with people. More than 70 specialists of Nizhny Novgorod were able to hear reports of the leading developers of the city and asked them all the questions. This meeting provided an opportunity of interesting professional communication for a large number of programmers specializing in JavaScript-design and on the newest technologies,based on JS. Presentations and speakers:

1. Migration from Angular 1.2 to 2.0. — Dmitry Frolov

2. Frameworks React.js, intro. — Andrey Makarov

3. Gulp for building statics. — Nicholas Kugaevsky

4. Framework ExtJS 5. — Dmitry Rodichev

5. The new standard ES 6. — Nikita Plekhanov

6. Framework Meteor.js. — Pavel Shalaev