NEW GAME! Mystery Loss

New 2017 Year is coming. The last preparations for the holiday will soon be over; and everybody is looking forward to the most enchanting night of the year. On New Year’s Eve we decided to make our dear gamers happy with a new game: «Mystery Loss».
Our new game’s mainly emphasized mechanic is Hidden Objects. You will immerse in captivating game atmosphere, full of mysterious events, and may put yourself in a real detective’s shoes.

The action takes place in a little town where an eldderly woman lives with her cat Leonardo and her canary Twiggy; the pets call her Grandma. One morning she finds out that her darling canary has disappeared. The first suspicion fells on Leonardo, but he turns out to be innocent. Hoping to find Twiggy Grandma and the cat go on the trail of the thief. They find pieces of evidence in their backyard and in the zoo, but the police don’t want to listen to them. Then Grandma, being a skilled detective, decides to puzzle this mystery out whatever the cost. We’re sure that you will help Grandma and the cat to find the key to this riddle and to catch the criminal. Enjoy the game!