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Jim Hawkings, the postman, is coming on airy clouds to deliver parcels and letters. He is, as usually, accompanied by his loyal companion – plane Tornado. At first, everything is as always, without any calamity on the horizon. But wait, what is this?! It seems like something has happened on the airy clouds!

There is a real chaos on the clouds! Somebody has broken all the machines, which are in charge of the weather and the technician who can fix them has disappeared somewhere! It seems that someone really doesn’t want the citizens of the airy clouds to receive their parcels and letters.

The most breathtaking adventure in your life is waiting for you! Together with Jim and Tornado you will visit the Rainbow cloud, will meet giants, will visit the Popcorn cloud and a lot of other weird clouds. Reveal the secret that lies behind disappearing of the engineer! Find out what really has happened on the clouds!

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